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Serving and Promoting Nepali cotton bedsheets since 7 decades.


Serving and Promoting Nepali cotton bedsheets since 7 decades.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work great as well.

Cotton bedsheets with screen print are not only about beauty. but about comfort as well. We make things affordable, accessible and luxurious at the same time.

Our Story

Patterns started in 2020 with an aim of providing quality bedding products.
Two young minds planned this venture together in order to express their love for art together.
The bond that has helped pattern establish is the love for this traditional way of printing started by the first generation to introduce block printing in Nepal.
The bedsheet you get is the result of hard work, preciseness and 7 decades of experience that our team puts into it.

Our Design Process

Creating these bedsheets comes with alot of hardwork and preciseness.
It takes 2-3 weeks to get the finished product.


From local Nepali Cotton looms, putting every thread precisely into a loom machine, it takes 2 weeks to get the fabric ready.

Pattern Selection & Printing

A group of 3 teams finalize the pattern, Get the stencil ready and head towards printing these beautiful patterns into cotton sheets.

Sizing, Stitching & Final check.

Two teams bring their expertise together to carefully resize the roll of fabric, cut it into perfect sizes and get it stitched to get the final product ready.

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